Birdie the Bus

Meet Birdie, Your Event’s Best Friend.


Step into the Retro Wonderland with Birdie, the Blue 1974 VW Photo Bus.

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birdie the bus
111 feeling groovy photo bus houston birdie pinkie
Birdie the Bus

Hello adventure & party enthusiasts!

I’m Birdie, the sensational blue 1974 VW Photo Bus here to elevate your events to new heights. Get ready for a whimsical journey like no other! With my charming retro vibes and sky-blue beauty, I’ll catch everyone’s eye and transport you back to carefree times. But I’m not just a ride—I come equipped with a top-of-the-line photo booth setup, capturing unforgettable memories with every click. Let me be your wing-bus, creating an ambiance of wonder and delight. From weddings to festivals, I’m ready to make your event shine. Peace, love, and blue skies – Birdie ✨

meet birdie

Capturing Moments, Inspiring Memories.

Join us on a journey of capturing cherished memories that will ignite your spirit.

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