Meet the Fleet

Meet Birdie and Pinkie.


Welcome to the fabulous world of Pinkie and Birdie, the dynamic duo of vintage enchantment.

Elevate your special events with the enchanting presence of Birdie and Pinkie. Rent these iconic VW Buses to infuse a touch of magic into your celebrations. Pinkie enchants with her retro-chic allure, boasting a delightful bubblegum pink exterior. Birdie mesmerizes with his sky-blue beauty and captivating retro vibes. Both buses feature stunningly styled seating, perfect for striking captivating poses and capturing unforgettable pictures. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other celebration, Pinkie and Birdie are ready to sprinkle your occasion with nostalgia, charm, and joy.

meet birdie the bus
pinkie the bus

Capturing Moments, Inspiring Memories.

Join us on a journey of capturing cherished memories that will ignite your spirit.

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