Pinkie the Bus

Meet Pinkie, Your Event’s Best Friend.


Buckle up and get ready to dive into the groovy world of Pinkie, your one and only pinktastic VW Photo Bus.

pinkie the bus
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meet pinkie the bus
Pinkie the Bus

Hey there, fabulous humans!

Buckle up and dive into my groovy world—I’m Pinkie, the pinktastic 1973 VW Photo Bus! I’m not your average ride. With bubblegum pink upholstery and a fantastic photo booth setup, I’m here to make your events unforgettable. Let’s turn up the charm, capture magical memories, and transport you back to the groovy ’70s. Get ready for a wild ride with me, Pinkie, your partner in creating extraordinary experiences. Let’s paint the town pink and make every event a moment to cherish. Ready to dance to the beat of my wheels? Love and endless adventures, Pinkie 🌸✨

meet pinkie

Capturing Moments, Inspiring Memories.

Join us on a journey of capturing cherished memories that will ignite your spirit.

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